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Future Oceans Netguard Dolphin Pinger 60-120kHz

Dolphin Pinger

Favored by fishermen throughout Europe, our Netguard 60-120kHz Dolphin Pinger is acknowledged by the fishing industry as the benchmark in Pinger durability, reliability and performance.

Future Oceans NetShield 60-120kHz
Future Oceans Dolphin Anti-Depredation Pinger 60-120kHz

Dolphin Anti-Depredation Pinger

A robust, powerful Pinger that stops all unwanted interaction with Dolphins.

Future Oceans NetShield 3-12kHz
Future Oceans Pinger 3-12kHz

Whale, Dolphin, Seal Anti-Depredation Pinger

All purpose Anti Depredation Pinger designed to reduce unwanted interactions with marine mammals.

Future Oceans NetShield 3kHz
Future Oceans Netshield Whale Pinger 3kHz

Whale Pinger

The world’s first and most widely used low frequency Pinger designed to reduce large whale interactions.

Why choose our Pingers?

  • Our Pingers have been used and trusted by thousands of fishermen all over the world for over 20 years because THEY WORK.
  • Our Pingers are the smallest, lightest, and strongest Pingers on the market.
  • We use the highest quality materials to make Pingers that will not fail under any conditions.
  • Our Pingers are designed to meet all fishermen’s needs – with zero risk of losing the valuable internal electronics capsule from falling out of the external carrier.
  • Our Pingers are the simplest Pingers to use.
  • Our Pingers are low cost.
  • Our Pingers use C cell alkaline batteries available everywhere.
  • Our Pingers are heavy duty and will deliver 100% reliable performance in all fishing conditions and temperatures.
  • We stand by our products with a 12 months unconditional warranty. 
  • If our Pinger fails – we replace it or refund your money.