Future Oceans projects span over 14 years and 40 countries and include collaborations with governments, researchers, environmental organisations, fishing industry associations and fishermen.

We are committed to developing awareness of the critical role Pingers play in ensuring the long-term health of cetacean populations everywhere, and to ensuring long-term success by developing scientific, government and industry support for the large-scale uptake of Pingers.

Future Oceans Peru

Pingers For Peru

A scientific study using Pingers (Mangel et al) showed that the use of Pingers could save up to 20,000 Dolphins every year in Peru!

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Project Locations

Future Oceans Pingers are currently in use in over 40 countries worldwide.

Our Pingers are used by researchers in scientific experiments, by non-profit organizations in efforts to deliver Pingers to artisanal fishermen in developing countries and to fishermen who use them voluntarily or under Government mandates. 

News and Updates

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