Future Oceans Portugal

With the financial support from the EU, the Portuguese government engages Future Oceans to collaborate in Portugal’s first large scale Pinger trials.


Future Oceans, European Union Safesea Project, European Union, Minho University, Aveiro University 

In 2012 the Portuguese government invited Future Oceans to participate in a “Safesea” seminar in Figuera La Foz to provide expert advice on strategies to reduce cetacean bycatch in Portuguese fisheries.

In 2013, Future Oceans was awarded a contract to supply 1000 Pingers to Portuguese fishermen as part of a Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (EEA) grant.

The project was overseen by researchers at Minho University and was the largest scientific Pinger trial ever undertaken in Europe.

Every fishery where Future Oceans Pingers were used, reported a significant reduction in dolphin bycatch.

In beach purse seiner fisheries where large numbers of dolphins have been caught, Pingers completely eliminated all dolphin bycatch.

Future Oceans continues to collaborate with Minho and Aveiro Universities, A Coordinadora para o Estudo dos Mamíferos Mariños (CEMMA), Centro Litoral O.P. Sociedad Portuguesa de Vida Selvagem and all major Portuguese fishing associations. We remain committed to developing the use of Pingers to reduce Dolphin bycatch in Portugal.

Dolphins caught in beach purse seine net without Pingers.