Future Oceans Peru

Pingers could save 20,000 dolphins every year in Peru.


World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Prodelphinus, Future Oceans

A scientific study using Pingers (Mangel et al) confirms that using Future Oceans Pingers on fishing nets in Peru, would save 20,000 Dolphins every year.

At least 100,000 kilometres of net is set every year by thousands of small-scale artisanal fishermen in Peru who must fish to provide food daily for their families.

A collaboration between Future Oceans, Prodelphinus and the WWF, “Pingers For Peru” is a project to secure support to donate Pingers to small scale artisanal fishermen who need Pingers but cannot afford them.

An estimated 10,000 artisanal fishermen in Peru need Future Oceans Pingers to help to fish sustainably now and into the future.

For decades researchers have shown that small scale fisheries are globally important as food providers and as sources of employment in coastal communities, particularly in the developing world.

Pingers For Peru provides the template to move forward with Pinger projects in developing countries where millions of dolphins can be saved.

Pingers For Peru